Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Module Illustration- Creative Elements


Create an image for the two modules you're given to be used on the website.

A pretty fun assignment to begin this module with, so we got stuck right into it...

Pushing the ideas outside the box we came up with different ideas for each module to have fun with the images we could create, involving aliens, tigers in Indian dressage and astronauts studying on the moon.

Here are some concepts I developed for ideas;

Spaceman studying 'Internationally'
Industry placement is such an 'alien' experience.......hmmmm...
After deciding on having aliens play a role in our Industry placement I began trying to develop a background to the image: 

Here I was working on a galaxy background 

This was turning out a like Doctor Who's Tardis

Industry placement

Being a student finding yourself in an industry placement can feel very 'alien' and 'out of this world'
In my team we put it in a literal sense.
(Abigail & Natasha)

International academic studies

International studies sends your off to different places around the world.
explore, learn, and experience new cultures.
(Kerry, Matthew, Zoe)

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