Monday, 17 November 2014

'Create a World' Project switch- Creative elements

Up until now colour was ignored in the 'Create a world' assignment so that we could focus more on getting a solid idea for a world.  

Now in week five we will focus on colour and colour palettes for the world, only, we won't be working on the same world as we were previous. So its a fresh start.

We moved onto a project about an alien race who are travelling through a black hole and have created their own religion- worshipping the black whole.
The Twist in this project was to create christmas in this world.

Coming up with a whole new concept of christmas was really difficult. So we took some inspiration from the Argos aliens;

Not being from our planet, they try and interpret christmas in their own way, and being really ignorant towards christmas they cant really get to grips with it, therefore they end up thinking the kids toys are dinner guests and kitchen utensils are toys.

We wanted to bring this over to our aliens so came up with different scenarios for the aliens to be in like;

At the dinner table eating christmas decorations.
Having stockings in the shape of their weird alien feet instead of ours.
Giving the alien children presents like dangerous ray-guns
For the concept I worked on, I used 2 colour palettes.

One as a reference to the normal, 'spacey' world.
and the next for the christmas theme.

This was the work I did, for the alien eating decorations instead of christmas dinner....just...because..

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