Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Just a Thought...

So upon doing research for my essay;

"Developing Technology: Has traditional 2D feature animation died a death?"

I found some opinions on the topic from people who thought that we should expand 2D feature animation coming from Disney etc. to more genres, just like they do with Anime in Japanese animation.

The argument was that even anime being released to different audiences into theatres in Japan from Studio Ghibli don't even do very well.

This brought up the topic of why "Rise of the Guardians" from DreamWorks didn't do well, even with it being a CG feature, as it was aimed at a teenage audience, but what teen wants to see a movie about santa and the easter bunny, just because they look cool and rugged now? So is it more about films being aimed at the wrong audience rather than the style of animation?...I'll look a little more into that..but for now:

I hadn't seen Rise of the Guardians until one night I was bored and wanted to watch a movie, my friend, who isn't even into animated movies like I am, recommended it to me, saying she loved it and it was just such a good movie and this was coming from an 18 year old.

After watching it I can honestly say it was a great movie, it touched my heart and had me in giggles to the point of playing back the scene to laugh again, I also ended up having a bizarre crush on jack frost *embarrassed look* but anyway; I think DreamWorks did well with this movie, maybe they just didn't market it right, thus making it less popular than what it could have been if aimed at a younger audience. But personally I found it a hugely underrated movie.

So if you're reading this, whoever you are, stop watching Frozen and go see Rise of the Guardians.

(I could write so much more in this post but then it would become procrastination)

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