Thursday, 27 November 2014

Interaction Design- Time to get to work!

Now that we had done our background research and knew what we wanted to have we each began to work on different aspects we needed for the theme park, I was in-charge of posters, billboards and tickets.

Anytime I create posters I think back to my work experience at Ardmore Advertising because there I created my own music festival and made posters and tickets for it, but I got to see how they came about creating such things as well as past work they completed. One thing that stuck in my mind was their work for 'Tall ships Atlantic Challenge' when it first came to Belfast in 2009. They had a number of billboards which would be known as 'Stings'. these billboards would feature an image of the ocean and in the distance you could make out what seemed to be ships approaching, this image was married with some type that read 'They Are Coming..' and that was it. These billboards continued for months until the festival began, but I loved the idea of doing the same for our theme park before it opened, so I came up with the follow ideas;

Each poster telling the audience how great PetraStellam is but not actually saying what it is until the grand opening.

I think if I spent more time on detailed posters I could have created something really interesting to reflect the personality of the world and theme park.

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