Monday, 1 December 2014

Sound - Week 9

So now we've got filming underway for our title sequence we need sound. something haunting and compelling for such an interesting planet, so we began our search for the perfect sound to PetraStellam:

In University we were introduced to an application called GarageBand, I'd personally never used it before but later that night Abigail sent us the outcome to her first time experimenting with the program, Mark however loved it so much he just let them musical vibes take over...

We began to look into soundtracks we thought we could mash together for the right feeling we wanted for out own soundtrack:

Listening to the skyrim soundtrack we wanted to have a deep voice within the sound to help with the haunting vibe.

A favourite within the group was the words to pippin's song from lord of the rings as the lyrics seemed to connect with the story of our world:

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