Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Typography: Making the map

For the map we wanted to make it look old and rough, so we bought a large piece of card which we coffee stained and abigail then drew the detail with charcoal over the card. At first we planned on filming the charcoal talking the audience on a walk over the map inspired by the title credits to 'The Pacific Man':

I think this is one of the most touching and stunning opening credit sequences I've seen, we want to apply this vibe to our sequence and make the audience feel as if the world is alive and dramatic.

After building up the parts drawn on the map we wanted, we were scared about messing up the charcoal line, after all, you cant rub it out and we didn't have long left to film the sequence, so we thought it better just to draw the path and take the camera for a walk around the world instead of following a line being drawn.

Aimee also showed us this stunning title sequence for Robin Hood, the movement and everything is just stunning and great inspiration we could use:

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