Sunday, 26 October 2014

'Create a World' - Creative Elements

When this is the brief given to your team for a project, it really is limitless, I mean; 'Create a world', think of the possibilities with that, you can literally create anything, anyone, any religion and creature and any planet you want. 

When it comes to brainstorming ideas, it really is a challenge to think of something that hasn't been done before, you find yourself thinking of movies and books that have already created different worlds, and i can tell you, my respect for the writers and people who come up with these ideas has went up, because this was a lot harder than what I thought it would be. 

why was this? well basically, when you come up with one thing you have to plan how it happened, why was this the case? how was it created? what was it created from? I felt as if we studied more physics than animation during this project. 

But before you go into the details, it all starts with the brainstorms;


In my team we came up with a lot of different and bizarre ideas that would be really fun and creative to work on and develop. We had a whiteboard and 2 windows with ideas scribbled all over them (the windows were hard to photograph) but everything we had was pretty solid and different.

As a group we were stuck between two different ideas;

A world which was very naturalistic, made entirely of plants and leaf creatures where it was mostly dark/always night time so the plants would glow and adapt to the dark.

This seemed a little too like avatar and predictable.

The next idea was to have a world on a dogs tongue, I know, it sounds a little weird, but its different, this is what was exciting about it, ever heard the saying/fact/myth that a dogs tongue is really clean? even cleaner than a humans? well we wanted to use this fact to make a world on a dogs tongue full of little creatures with OCD about having everything spotless, but as we all know, dogs will eat and chew on anything so the little creatures who lived in this world would go through hell trying to clean up after this dog had eaten who-knows-what?

The more we developed on it, the more I just found it hilarious, picturing all these little creatures with a phobia of germs and dirt, frantically keeping their environment clean.

In the end we decided to expand on the idea of a world inside a dog's body.


  The idea: 

Inspired by the fact: A dog's tongue is cleaner than a humans.
A world based on a dog's tongue, inhabited with creatures who's purpose it is to keep everything clean, they have OCD and a phobia of germs, then when the dog eats horrible things, all hell breaks loose in this world as the inhabitants attempt to clean and disinfect everything in sight.

We started to develop this idea and needed to establish certain points such as;

Is it a dog, cat or pig's mouth?
Whats the environment like?
What type of creatures live here?
What actually happens here?

As we began to expand on ideas, we thought that just focusing on creating a world in the mouth of the dog was limiting our creativity, so we thought about expanding to different areas on a dog, so there would be different departments throughout the body like;

The Brain-

The HQ of the animal, filled with creatures who keep everything running and are seen as the bosses of everything, without them everything else would crash, this section would have connections to the nose (a dog's most trusted asset) and the eyes.

The Mouth-

We wanted to keep the idea of an almost hospital-like environment, clean, disinfected and run by busy little creatures who go out of their way to keep everything clean and all hell breaks loose as the dog eats and chews on everything in sight.

The stomach- 

This will then be the disgusting dump of the whole world, where the workers in the mouth send all the dirt and 'gunk' they want rid off, and where the unwanted creatures live, it would be dark, damp and smelly.

We were expanding on this idea more, But then handed it over to the other team who have developed it into a world of order and organisation, taking our 'OCD' idea further and developing it into a more solid idea.  

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