Sunday, 2 November 2014

Maya- Basic Body Mechanics

This weeks assignment was to take this leg-Ball character and create a jumping movement with it. 
In my team we created a different movement for us all to bring to life each, and when sequenced together it would create one big motion, this just made the task easier for us to put together as one project, yet allowing us to do different things and learn from each other. 

My animation would be the first of the sequence, we decided that it would begin with a 'Kip-up' a break-dancing move which involves getting off the ground without using your hands, purely involving a kick into the air causing that force to get you off the ground.

I used the following clip as a reference to the movement;

Using the clip above I then drew out a step-by-step storyboard to help me get the movement right:

Moving onto the actual creation of the animation in maya, this was the outcome:

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