Monday, 3 November 2014

Animatic - 'Staying Alive' Character Design

In our story there are 3 main characters-


Meet 'Tiny' he is a very sluggish alien who monitors the claws that lift the bodies, he hates his job and gets really bored as he doesn't have to do much, but one thing about Tiny is that he LOVES music, and can often be found dancing to his favourite songs during his shift.

Natasha did some fantastic character designs for tiny;



Then we have, bob, the happy janitor who enjoys his job and gets on with his life, but bob's day takes a turn when he becomes the victim in this story...

Dylan did the concepts for bob, making him a lot smaller than tiny to show his vulnerability..

As a reference Dylan used Pleakly from Lilo and stitch as a reference for the character of bob;


The claw would just be an object, with some life in it, to add more character and comedy to the animatic.

These are my own concepts for the claw in the story.

We each then brought together our digital drawings to create the Animatic, you can see our finished product with feedback in my blog post below;

'Staying Alive' Animatic

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