Monday, 3 November 2014

'Create a World' - Creative elements

Previously my group and I were working on a world which we created inside a dogs body, unfortunately I couldn't continue with the project because I got sick, but I came back in week 4 ready to get stuck into a new world with a new team.  

Petra Stellam

This is the name of our world (latin for Rock-Star) and you're probably wondering why this name? Well the purpose of our planet is to create stars, to light up the galaxy and create new solar systems, this idea was developed from a previous idea of a planet, inhabited by spirit-like entities but their planet was also used as a 'waste ground' for other planets to dump the bodies of creatures which died on them. But the weather of 'Spiritus Gradus' (the name for this spirit planet) was very extreme that the spirit-beings of this world had to use the bodies dumped there as a shield, but had to find the right body for the type of weather, thus able to survive. But the idea didnt grasp the audience so it was developed into 'Petra Stellam'.

Devloping the idea:   

Keeping with the idea of spirit-like creatures we wanted to give them more of a purpose to come together with a physical form. This took a lot of thinking and we came up with the idea of them forming stars, once we had this idea down we began to expand and develop more of a routine for the planet and a history to answer some questions we needed to answer like;

How was this world made?
What's Its purpose?
What happens to make the stars?
What are stars made of?
What does the planet look like? 

As you can see from our plans, we were a little foggy on what we wanted, but we knew the basics;

The planet was created by 2 planets colliding, one inhabited by souls and the other by bodies/beings. 
Its purpose is to make stars.
The planet looks like 2 bowls stuck together from the bases. 

A few things we weren't so clear on, do we want a battle between the souls/spirits and the beings? Is there a heaven and hell concept? or do the beings try to collect the souls which are very precious to them?

There was still a lot to look into.

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