Monday, 3 November 2014

'Create a World' - Creative Elements
After leaving the whole project down over night and giving ourselves some thinking and breathing space, we came back the next day like a completely new team, Natasha had looked more into the creation of a star and this helped us immensely;

hydrogen, helium and carbon. 

this is what you need to make a star...well..our stars anyway.

We then came up with the idea of having rock creature-type inhabitants on this planet rather than the souls. Why? because carbon is found in coal and rocks, so this would help bring in that element into our star recipe and they also contain hydrogen. 

What about the souls?

We did a little research into the actual definition of a soul and we found that...

The Ancient Greeks used the same word for 'alive' as for 'ensouled'
The soul was considered the incorporeal or spiritual 'breath' which animates the living organism.

We also looked into the episode of The Simpsons, when Bart sells his souls to Millhouse, after doing this Bart can't preform simple tasks such as seeing his breath on glass or walking through automated doors as he isn't complete without his soul.

And neither our the rock creatures.

We had the character development underway but we still needed a way to bring the souls onto this new planet of carbon-coal characters. It was too difficult to get the two characters of our planet to meet with our original idea of '2 spinning bowls' so we opted for a 'half-spherical' planet, which is then collided with a chunk of another planet which the souls were part of, why? Because fate brought them together to create stars, as there were none before this event.   

Once we had established what was now preliminary on our planet then the ideas began to flow;

Outline of world so far-

One planet made of carbon creatures , collides with what is left of a soul planet, causing the souls/entities to become embedded in the carbon planet. 
This event was caused by nature as a way to create stars for the universe. 

Now that we established the basis of the planet 'Petra Stellam' (Rock-star) it was time to focus in on the carbon-rock creatures and the souls.   

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