Monday, 3 November 2014

Cinematography: Roger Deakins Vs Seamus Mcgarvey

Cinematography is a subject I know very little about so I'm really excited to get stuck into this presentation project for the semester.

My group consists of myself, Aimee, Katie, Josh and Shannon and we're ready to give the best cinematography presentation y'all have ever seen!

But first we need to hit the library to do research on the subject and the cinematographers concerned...remember kids, the internet isn't the only source of information these days:

We spent the evening in the library reading up on what cinematography actually is and what elements there are to it, we've discovered that there are '5 Cs' to cinematography
  • Camera Angles
  • Continuity
  • Cutting
  • Close-Ups
  • Composition
After scanning over the information quickly as a group we made a list of what each of us had to go and research, I was going to look into Cutting and Close-ups as well as who inspired Seamus McGarvey and Roger Deakins because I find that looking at who influenced people like Deakins and McGarvey is a key element to finding out where they started their career and how they became so influential themselves.

My rresearchtook me to looking at many interviews on youtube with both Cinematogrphers, I loved seeing them talk about something they were so passionate about, and the fact that Seamus Mcgarvey is from Northern Ireland is so cool! To see someone from such a small place become so big in the Hollywood industry is really inspiring, especially the fact he's pphotographedsome of my favourite movies such as the Avengers and The Shawshank Redemption!

To help our classmates with information on our presentation Josh and I made some little hand-outs for the class consisting of the key information about both Deakins and McGarvey as well as comparisons and contrasts about them, I think it really helped as a few weeks later I noticed a lot of people had them displayed in their sketchbooks with additional notes they had took while listening to us give our presentation:

All-in-all I think it went really well! I had a fantastic group to work in and we created a presentation with depth of information and background knowledge on Deakins and McGarvey...

So afterwards we trotted off down to Clements for a group lunch! Joined by Matthew as well, we're all friends here in 82D21!

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