Tuesday, 4 November 2014

'Create a World' : Souls - Creative elements


When establishing the look of these entities we looked at a few different things for inspiration;

A main reference was The Host, a movie about spirit-like aliens who take over planets to make them peaceful and create new lives for themselves. 

The aliens in this movie have such a stunning, fluid look about them, just how we pictured the souls to look;

Obviously we cant just copy a movie, so we played around with different ideas based around different soul-like designs, this meant playing around with things like Orbs, whispy lines, light and giving them a floaty look.

To come up with the right design that we are happy with, experiments were carried out in photoshop, to see what worked best for the look we wanted:

We all decided on the bottom right entity as it was most attractive and suited to what we wanted.

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