Friday, 7 November 2014

'Create a World' Rock Creatures - Creative elements

Character Development-

Moving on with character development we knew what creatures we now had in our world- Rock creatures and soul-entities, who, when combined became stars.

Rock Creatures-

These creatures come from the ground of our planet. They evolve from the elements in the planet and emerge from the ground. Since they have not yet got souls we wanted them to be zombie-like. No communication will come from them, but as soon as they emerge from the ground instinct will allow them to get on with their purpose.

We got these ideas from the following videos;

Children- Zombie like, get on with their existence, no communication:

The Maker- created for a purpose element

A creature- with a purpose- does its job- moves on- cycle begins again.

We decided that for the planet to function we needed different kinds of rock creatures for different purposes, this is when the function of the planet became clear to us.

This is a rough (verrrrry rough) mock-up of the types of rocks we wanted on our planet.

Sacrifice rocks-
concepts by John;

To sustain the planet we need to keep giving resources back to the planet, this is where the little, helpless rocks come in, they can't give anything to the planet and are worthless, thus given back to the planet through deep pits that lead back into the core of the world, this idea came from a stop-motion animation called 'Zero'

Minor rocks-

They do exactly what they say on the tin...mine...for the souls embedded in the earth.

Concepts by John;


Keeper rocks-

These are the rocks who, when the souls are gathered, look after them, until its time for the souls and rocks to come together to form the stars.

Star Rocks-

Finally, we needed a special kind of rock to be given the souls, not just any rock, but we came up with the idea of having elder-type rocks, called star rocks, these rocks are the oldest and have given a lot to the planet in their time, as they get bigger and are unable to carry on with their work and purpose, they retreat to 'star maker mountain' where they wait to have a soul released and be chosen by a soul, and then become stars.

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