Monday, 24 November 2014

Interaction design

We're in the same teams for our last project of the year, you know what that means? I'm with my little squids for another week and I'm so happy about that! I love these people..

Anyway!! onwards with the new project!!!!


"Technically the ability for the user to intervene in computing processes and see the effects of the intervention in real time. Also used in communications theory to describe human communication based on dialogue and exchange." (Lister 2003) “The shaping of digital products and services for people to use, although it is recognised that the scope of interactive design expands beyond this definition to include complex systems and immersive environments too.”

BrainStorm Time!!

Most of the groups in our class (i say most but everyone apart from us did) were going to make a game for their world, we wanted to physically involve people with Our world, not just in digital form, so we came up with a pile of ideas like board games, pop up books and card games.
The one idea we were swaying towards was a theme park (I honestly can't express how excited we got about this idea). We each took one idea and developed concepts for it to see what it would be like, Josh and I made little pokémon inspired trading cards with the different characters you'd find on our planet:

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