Monday, 10 November 2014

Typography: Title Sequence

For the world of PetraStellam we knew we wanted to incoroprate the map into our title sequence as it is the main aspect about the entire planet and is key to the story told by the previous team when creating a short animatic for the world.

The Game of Thrones titles were great for some inspiration in this project as they involved the map of Westros. We loved the 3D aspect of being the map to life so we are aiming to apply this to our own map and physically build up the landmarks in the world. (also I just adore these titles and the badass music).

In relation to the Game of Thrones titles, having the key landmarks build up as the camera pans through the map would be a gorgeous element to have, however the time frame we have is limiting us to take the time to do this,  but we still looked at how we could go about making it possible the main inspiration for a method was the announcement video for 'Pottermore' by JK Rowling:

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