Monday, 10 November 2014

Animatic - 'Staying Alive'

In week 7 we looked at time and motion, our task was to create an Animatic, telling a short story of something on our planet.

In my team we looked at what our planet was about, and religion was a big aspect of it, so we wanted to make a story based on a religious aspect, but to give a comedy element to the story.

So we went ahead and made a list of ideas using religious traditions;

We had a large brainstorm of ideas with things like;

  • Wedding         
  • Birth
  • Funeral
  • Confession booth

But we wanted a funny element to the story, whether that was;

  • An alien lifting the vail of his bride to find she was a human and is repulsed with her gorgeous looks.
  • The priest of the aliens farting during a ceremony and then laughing until he cries.
  • An alien giving birth to a baby that looks like the priest of the aliens and not the actual father.
In the end we went for a story about a funeral, see, the previous team explained to us that they got the religious aspect for their planet with inspiration from the Egyptians, and who respected
their dead more than the Egyptians? 
Looking into this more, we thought it would be funny if, to the community on our planet, that it would seem the dead were respected and treated with care, when, behind the scenes they just get throw out into space to be taken by the black hole, this being an outline to the story we began to plan what would actually happen in the short animatic.


We see a family grieving over their lost loved one, as the coffin drifts through the curtains leaving the family behind we then see what really goes on once the family have said their goodbyes.... Lots of machines and claws, lifting the bodies and tossing them into the oblivion of the black hole outside, but with this story theres a plot twist....and you can wait to see that is...

After getting the storyline straight we drew out a storyboard, so we'd all have a clear idea of what we were aiming to do in the final product.

Now its time for character designs and development in the story.....

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